TPB1X™ will blend your protein shakes until the perfect texture is acheived. Just press the button and enjoy your smooth protein shake. Protein powder chunks free, EVERY TIME.


TPB1X™ is available in 4 unique and stylish colors. You can choose your favorite color and match your protein blender to your personnal style!

ENJOY your shake everywhere

TPB1X™'s lightweight and durable design will mix your shakes on-the-go and accompany you on your fitness journey. Simply make sure your have it handy in your gym or lunch bag.

The Prime Shaker - Protein shaker bottle 16 oz (500 ml)
The Prime Shaker - Protein shaker bottle 16 oz (500 ml)
The Prime Shaker - Protein shaker bottle 16 oz (500 ml)
The Prime Shaker - Protein shaker bottle 16 oz (500 ml)
The Prime Shaker - Protein shaker bottle 16 oz (500 ml)
The Prime Shaker - Protein shaker bottle 16 oz (500 ml)
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Our Portable Shaker, the perfect companion for all your mixing needs on the go! This handy shaker is designed to make your life easier by effortlessly blending and mixing your favorite drinks (Proteins, greens, pre-workouts, EAA/BCAA) with just the press of a button.

It's spill-proof, making it ideal for your active lifestyle whether you're at the gym, in the office, or out for a walk.

The shaker is powered by a rechargeable battery, so you can use it for hours on a single charge. Simply plug it into any USB port or use the included charging cable for quick and easy recharging. No need to worry about constantly replacing batteries.

Cleaning the shaker is a breeze too. Just add water & soap and take it for a spin.

The materials used are food-grade and safe for your drinks.

Key Features:

  1. Effortlessly blend and mix powders (Proteins, greens, pre-workouts, EAA/BCAA) with the press of a button.
  2. Compact and ergonomic design for comfortable handling.
  3. Spill-proof for easy transportation.
  4. Rechargeable battery for convenience.
  5. Easy to clean with detachable parts.
  6. Food-grade materials for safety.

Upgrade your drink mixing experience with our Electric Portable Shaker. It's perfect for fitness enthusiasts, busy professionals, or anyone who enjoys refreshing beverages. Order yours today and enjoy your favorite drinks wherever you go!


Do NOT use to blend Peanut butter, Ice, Frozen fruits as the blade may be damaged.

Technical Specifications:
- Size: 7"x 4"
- Product weight: 1.25 lbs // 0.56 kg
- Bottle capacity: 22oz // 650 ml
- Charging time: 1-2 hours
- Cycles per charge: Approx. 15 mix
- Battery: 1200 mAh, Rechargeable battery
- Motor: 150 RPM
- Leak-proof cap & lid
- USB Charging port



TPB1X™ is a self-cleaning machine! Simply add dishwashing soap and water and push the button. It will clean itself. Gone are the days of smelly, dried out powder in your shakers!

Sleek & Modern LOOK.

TPB1X™design delivers the kind of high-tech touch of class your protein shakes needs and that you deserve. With the leak-proof lid and long lasting battery, you'll be wondering how you managed without it all this time.

Charge & GO!

TPB1X™ comes with a USB-C cord to be charged. A charge cycle will take 1-2 hours and will last for approximalely 15 mixing cycles.

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